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Bridgestone tyre Corporation is a famed manufacturer of automobile and truck parts, which is based in the city of Kurume, Japan. It was founded on March 1, 1931 by Shojiro Ishibashi.

We have a wide range of Car Tyre’s ranging from Luxury Car Tyre’s,  SUV and Sedan Tyres. We are authorized dealer for Bridges tone Tyre. We have specialized staff and machinery for your car with stuff like Wheel Alignment, Computerized Wheel Balancing, Nitrogen Filling and Tubeless Service Point.This firm supplies high quality products that include tyres for different vehicles, automotive parts, industrial rubber products, sporting goods, chemical as well as electro materials. Bridgestone tyre dealers are available in almost all the cities with whose help, all the necessary products can be purchased.

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Technology & Innovation

Air Free Concept with Bridgestone Tyre
Sensing Technology of Tyres & Road Surfaces
Bridgestone Run-Flat Tyre Technology

Our Services

Nitrogen Filling
Nitrogen Filling: Most Dangerous incident happens with motor vehicles is tyre bursts, causes vehicle...
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Tubeless Service Point
Experience best tubeless tyre service via our Tubeless Service Point We are one of the reputed de...
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Wheel Alignment
Wheel Alignment is to balance and align the wheels of your car for them to be a suitable contact. Wi...
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Automated Tyre Changing
Save your valuable time by Automated Tire Changing service provider Welcome to Automated Tire Cha...
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Wheel Balancing
Wheel balancing is another most serious activity for vehicles which provide the proper balance of ve...
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Everyone trusts only on Bridgestone tyre Why?
Everyone trusts only on Bridgestone tyre Why?
January 29, 2019
‘Why Bridgestone’ is a question that has completed existing with our growth as the tyre corporate giant. It has appeared as 'Why not Bridgestone'; in this way showing the trust and certainty
Meeting all requirements for the Wear Life Guarantee –Bridgestone in Noida
Meeting all requirements for the Wear Life Guarantee –Bridgestone in Noida
January 4, 2019
Just connect the first receipt to your Bridgestone benefits booklet and store it in your vehicle's glove box. Finish the planned administration program with free administrations as laid out ...
Helps To Handle The Puncture In The Middle Of Any where – Bridgestone Tyres In Noida
Helps To Handle The Puncture In The Middle Of Any where – Bridgestone Tyres In Noida
December 29, 2018
Dread not however on the off chance that you've Bridgestone tyres on the grounds that the Bridgestone makers' have concocted an uncommon and very creative run-punctured tyre known as Drive G...

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