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A Brief History of the company:

  • Bridgestone India Private limited is a japan based tyre manufacturing company which manufacture tyres for all type of cars.
  • Bridgestone Corporation is the world’s largest tyre manufacturing and rubber Production Company which have their production unit in India also.
  • Bridgestone India Private limited is founded basically in 1931 in Japan which has a number of manufacturing units across the world.
  • Bridgestone group had established a total of 181 production units for rubber and tyres in 24 countries across the world till July-2018.
  • In 2017 this company was the largest tyre manufacturer all over the world; obviously, production depends upon the largest consumption.
  • Firestone tyre and Rubber Company and Bridgestone Tyre Company Ltd were merged together in 9th of April 1930 in Japan.
  • After one year, in 1-March-1931, the founder Mr Shojiro Ishibashi made another independent division and established Bridgestone Tyre co. Ltd.
  • By the name of their Founder Mr Shojiro Ishibashi (Ishi = Stone, Bashi = Bridge) the company named as Bridgestone.

Bridgestone tyre1

Evolution in their Technology:

  • To modernize the company’s technology, Bridgestone begins selling rayon cord tyres and this five year project was stared in 1951.
  • Bridgestone Museum was establishes in Japan for the purpose of sales improvement which contained billion of tyres in their 25th-anniversary.
  • Bridgestone Company started the sale of their nylon tyres in 1959 which manufacturing started first in their new Tokyo plant.
  • They uses natural source of rubber and for this purpose they are using huge plantation of rubber in his form.
  • Their 90 % of plantation of Para rubber trees are concentrated in South East of Asia which produces natural rubber.


  • The two approaches committing by Bridgestone Group, ‘Continuous utilization and productivity improvement of conventional sources’ and ‘Diversification into new sources’.
  • These two approaches are being committed by the company only for concentration of natural rubber production and stabilize its supply.
  • This company provides basic knowledge of about the rubber trees to all their employees first to tackle in good way.
  • It uses BATTLAX technology for motorcycle tyres and which improves the surface area griping of the tyre when running fast.
  • It also uses 3LC (3 Layer Compound) technology which improves their cornering grip of the tyre to control tyre’s slipping.
  • In all the sport and racing vehicles, they uses 5LC (5 Layer Compound) technology to maintain their high griping performance.

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