Air Free Concept with Bridgestone Tyre

Bridgestone’s Non-Pneumatic Tire Technology “Air Free Concept”

Non-pneumatic tires that support the load using a unique structure of rods

Straight tires are inflated with high-pressure air, which gives tyres a spring-like function to support a vehicle load and grip shock form the road surface just like a inflated ball. If the air pressure is not appropriate or a tyre is flat, you may have a difficult in driving.

The “Air Free Concept   ” is a technology that eliminates the need for tyres to be inflated with air to support the load, using a unique structure of spokes stretching along the inner sides of tyres. With this technology, tires need fewer repairs and have no worry of punctures.

The resin rods with “Air Free Concept” technology provide higher flexibility for design and recyclability than conventional tyres. Bridgestone is committed to nonstop working toward a supportable society with the universal and eco-friendly flexibility through developing advanced tire technologies.