Everyone trusts only on Bridgestone tyre Why?

‘Why Bridgestone’ is a question that has completed existing with our growth as the tyre corporate giant. It has appeared as ‘Why not Bridgestone’; in this way showing the trust and certainty our clients have in us.

The prestige of being the ‘world’s biggest tyre and rubber organization’ has unquestionably given us the edge over our rivals and has increased the quality of our products. We are a worldwide organization with over 80 years of experience and have ruled in the overall market of tyre manufacture.

Technology – an apparatus of most extreme significance has helped us to enhance our products and services. We are an undeniable decision for a major car manufacturer and for the important task as well for real vehicle makers and for basic undertakings also; as the Major aircraft manufacturers rely on our tyre for their airplanes.

Due to the continuous exemplary quality in our products, we have reached a point where the world agrees that why we say ‘why not Bridgestone’.

BMW 3 series trust only on Bridgestone tyre:-

BMW one of the top Luxury car manufacturers has selected Bridgestone tyre as the original equipment for their new 3 Series model. A combination of standard touring and run-flat technology (RFT) tyre has been selected to run in the BMW 3 Series range.

With a strong focus on safety and balanced performance, everyone chooses Bridgestone tyre to fit it in their luxury car. So Bridgestone is proud of its long-lasting partnership with BMW in the development of premium touring and high-performance tyre. Today almost all BMW models, in full range, are equipped with Bridgestone conventional and RFT tyre as the original equipment.

Do you need a run-flat tyre for your luxury vehicle? you can contact Bridgestone Tyre Dealers In Noida to see what they can offer you as per your need.

Bridgestone tyre Selected as Global Original Equipment manufacturer for Next-Generation Luxury SUV

Bridgestone Tyre manufacture Company announced today that the company’s three Bridgestone brand tyre lines have been designated as the original equipment on all new, third-generation BMW X3 sold globally. Continuing with its long-term relationship with BMW, Bridgestone is supplying a range of tyre in different sizes, including Algenea 001, Dualer H / P Sport AS and Blizak Tyre Lines.

Tyre designs and applications are important for ensuring a vehicle performance on its maximum efficiency. Bridgestone has an old relationship with BMW and our engineers worked closely with them to develop innovative, performance-driven tyre technology for BMW X3.”

Bridgestone Alzine 001 specially manufacture for Summer weather which is easily available at Bridgestone Car Tyre Dealer In Noida. The selected model will feature Algegne 001 tyres with run-flat technology. The Bridgestone Alzine 001 tyre is manufacture as such kind that also provides precise handling especially with a comfortable, highway luxury ride in wet and dry conditions.

The Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport AS tyre has an all-season trade pattern in tyres, as well as run-flat capability. Manufactured specifically for BMW X3, the Dualer H/P Sport A/S which provide completely all-season driving performance ride and durability without sacrificing comfort.

The premium Bridgestone Blizk LM-001 tyres will be equipped with the model of the BMW X3, which are sold for winter weather areas where winter tyres are specially required during specific months. The Blizzard LM-001 Tyre will be accessible with standard or run-flat technology to provide traction and performance in snow and sleet.

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