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  • Bridgestone tyres for the different companies’ vehicles are a perfect tyre in each aspect for reliable journey and best mileage.
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  • Bridgestone tyres are using by customers for most, to get high mileage, less load and smooth running on the road.
  • Force of adhesion between road and tyre control the balance of vehicle which is accepted by the Bridgestone tyre Company.
  • Smooth running means the motion of car without noise/ bubbling or trembling and no much jumping on the plane road.
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  • There are very different technology which are explained bellow that taken as serious factor by the Bridgestone tyre company –

Technology diversions with brief history of the Bridgestone tyre manufacturing company:

  • To modify the tyre’s technology, Bridgestone begins selling rayon cord tyres and this project stared in 1951 for five years.
  • A Museum was establishes in Japan for sales improvement of Bridgestone which contained billion of tyres in their 25th
  • Nylon tyre sales were started by the Bridgestone Company in 1959 which manufacturing started first in their new Tokyo plant.
  • Bridgestone uses natural source of rubber and only for this Bridgestone are using huge plantation of rubber in his form.
  • Their 90% plantation of Para rubber trees are concentrated in South East of Asia whose rubber is using by company.
  • ‘Continuous utilization and productivity improvement of conventional sources’ and ‘Diversification into new sources’ are the two approaches accepting by Bridgestone.
  • These two approaches are being committed by the Bridgestone group for the concentration of natural rubber production and stabilize their supply.
  • This company gives training about the knowledge of rubber trees to all their employees first to tackle in good way.
  • Bridgestone uses BATTLAX technology for two-wheeler tyres and which improves the surface griping of the tyre when vehicle running fast.
  • It uses 3LC (3 Layer Compound) technology also which improves its cornering griping to control tyre’s from slipping on road.
  • In all racing and high speedy vehicles, they use 5LC (5 Layer Compound) technology to maintain their high griping performance.

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